Camp Connection is open!!!

It's ready when YOU’RE ready.

You choose when you’re ready to start.

You’ll learn new skills and habits that don’t take much time at all because who has time for that?

I’ve made them quick and effective so that they make a big impact on your day but don’t take all day.

If you decide to implement them every day, they will make your life better when you return from camp.

I’m busy and I know you are too. Let’s just get on with it already!!

I'll help you fill your First-Aid Kit with simple, daily habits that change the way you view each day.

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What is Camp Connection???⁠

Camp Connection is 5 lessons delivered to you in short but powerful videos.

Each lesson will teach you a simple practice to put in your “First-Aid Kit”.⁠

I like to call it a “First-Aid Kit for the Soul”.⁠

These daily practices will help you to prepare for the things in life that seem to come faster than we know how to handle sometimes. A little preparation goes a long way and I intend to teach you some great ways to prepare.⁠

I hope you'll register today!⁠

Create a new self-care routine to create connection with yourself.

Get the Connection Planner FREE with the purchase of this workshop. It's where you can keep track of all the skills you learn in this workshop so you remember to do it!


So much fun to look forward to!!⁠

Register now and start connecting to yourself in a whole new way!!

When was the last time you went to Camp?

Too long ago is my guess.

I LOVE camp! I miss camp! So, I created Camp Connection.
Camp Connection is for adult women who can’t leave home for a week.
It’s a 5 lesson “camp” that only takes a few minutes for each lesson.

You’ll get to leave your life for a while and come back with things that will make your life better as you use them every day.
You’ll begin reconnecting with your BEST friend.
You’ll feel braver, you’ll learn new things, and it will be fun!
You’ll leave Camp Connection with a “First-Aid Kit” filled with supplies that empower you with simple, daily practices that help you to reconnect to YOU.

I know how much these things can really help you and I wanted to share them with you.
So, I hope you’ll sign up and join me for a really great week of growth!

Making Time for Yourself Isn’t Easy

Life gets busy and it can take over, slowly creeping in until you have totally taken what YOU need out of the picture.

We love others. We WANT to love others. 

But… loving yourself will actually help you to love others better.

Do You Show Up
for YOU?

When you say you’ll do something for yourself, do you do it?

You do it for everyone else.

Now it’s time to do it for YOU.

You’re Capable of More Than You Think

The daily skills I will be sharing with you at Camp Connection will help you trust yourself more.

When you connect to your true self, you don’t see all the “stuff” that makes you doubt. 

I've got some simple, daily practices that are going to help you see yourself more clearly.

It’s what I call the “First-Aid Kit” for the soul.

They don't take much time and they make a big difference.

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